Here is a little about my journey so far...

If a brand isn't clear on the inside, it will not be clear on the outside. Get in touch & find out how I can help grow your business and build a meaningful brand of choice. 

Let's unravel my core brand identity


Inspired by The Alchemist book, I set out on what was supposed to be a 6-month journey of work and travel at the age of 22 to Far East Asia in pursuit of my dreams. It was 10 years of adventure, mind-opening experiences, and exposure to people from all walks of life in Malaysia.

This led me to running a creative agency with local business partners, meeting my (late) spiritual mentor, his enlightened Buddhist monks teachers. This was the start of my personal development, mindfulness and meditation journey.


I moved back to London 11 years ago and worked in our family business for a while. In 2015, I started on my own as a brand designer and consultant. I started applying the teachings and practices to my business.

Also, I qualified as a personal performance coach and a certified brand strategist, which sparked my appreciation of the impact of purpose and created the realisation that it is a brand that gives a logo meaning, not a logo that gives a brand meaning.

By connecting to my brands' purpose, I am now educating and empowering business owners to mindfully define their brand and use it with joy, intent, and purposeful impact 

Why? Focused people, brands, and businesses not only have a meaningful sense of direction but also creates a positive ripple effect that leads optimism, hope, resilience and fulfilment.

  • Did a fire walk at Tony Robbins UPW

  •  I have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, inspired by watching Karate Kid

  • I actually love Networking and connecting people and businesses!

  • Cheese and chillies over chocolates for me

  • I got selected for county football and have played at Wembley Stadium against Arsenal ladies
  • Some of my fav places on the globe are Hawaii (loved stargazing there), Bali (loved surfing there) and London (love living here)
  • Been a Non-Executive Board Director for STANTA St Albans Enterprise Agency for 9 years
  • INFJ personality profile aka optimistic empath
  • Love spiritual retreats and experiences
  • Meditating my way through life