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Focus on the brand's purpose with these free resources you can start using right now, whether you are a serial entrepreneur, own or starting a small business or a content creator.

5 Steps to Build Your Brand

Getting your brand right means having the basics in order, and this workbook is your guide to doing just that whether you want to check if your brand is on track or are looking for something to begin your branding journey.


Bitesize Brand Tips Newsletter

When you're immersed in business life, it is easy to let the day-to-day operations dominate strategic thinking. My newsletter is an action-focused reminder making it easier to work on the brand, as well as in it. Bitesize, easy to digest – and I never share your details without your permission!


Enterprise Nation Talk

Hear how to create consistent powerful branding for your business.


Marie Claire Article

There are four things I believe each startup (or indeed every business) needs to get right to maximise its chances of success. Or else… What are they? Read my article for Marie Claire.


Personal Branding

The importance of being a brand – a piece about personal branding and its role within a business. Do you think you are a personal brand? Do you think you need to become one? Listen to find out.


Purpose-Led branding

My core subject! I talk about the critical elements of a brand.


Brand Mindfulness

A conversation about the meaning of brand and branding: this time Lucy Hutchings Hunt invited me to talk about Brand Mindfulness, what it means and how it impacts businesses in our times.


Growth and Mindset

Where does development start? Where does branding start? And what it all means for growing our businesses. Download the Entrepreneurial Podcast to hear me talk about how a frame of mind influences branding.


Mindset Matters

It does! I believe a brand is a state of mind, or at least it begins with the brand new attitude (pun very much intended!). And so, this is what I focus on in this podcast.

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