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This is really the best decision and investment I have made, and I am so glad I did not try to go it alone. Aarti has truly sparked my business journey with intention as she promises in her offering. 

The process is personal, professional an instant return on investment. I was so much lighter in my head, obtained increased clarity and purpose just after the one day together and through the process the layers keep peeling away.

I don’t believe anything happens by accident and getting to know Aarti’s purpose to serve totally aligns with my values and I honestly believe this is just the start of a beautiful journey with her.

Aarti has the gift to open Pandora’s box to unlock the magic. If your ideas are stuck in your head, you just need to make the call!






We at Cognomie needed to refresh our brand and have this reflected in our visual branding, marketing and overall communications as we entered rapid growth an expansion for our business

Clarifying the strategic redefinition of our brand fundamentals involving our purpose, values, audiences, USP and narrative allowed us to showcase with pride our new found bolder, confident human brand essence and ethos through our branding and marketing

Working with Aarti enabled us to do this. She immediately became a part of the team and worked to facilitate our thinking and draw out our best ideas. We were very happy with the solution, clarity and insights.




I have been on a real journey with Aarti, I have gone from confusion to clarity.  

Aarti was able to guide me through every step of the journey with her insight at all aspects of my business, brand and my purpose.

Aarti helped me to truly discover my business brand as well as my personal brand.

Aarti was able to help me articulate who I am within my brand - the impact of this has meant I have a strategy for my business in all areas, as opposed to the scattergun approach I had previously. I have clearly defined purpose, vision and mission that fully align with who I am as well as the business. 

The connection between my brand and my clients is essential and Aarti has provided me with the confidence to speak about this.

I now have confidence to talk to new clients about my business with real clarity and conviction. I no longer feel that I am not good enough, I realise through the work with Aarti that I have expertise and knowledge that others are curious about and I can provide solutions for them. 

The work that Aarti does ensures that you are never alone - I know I can return to the brand narrative guide that she has provided to find inspiration, it means that the journey continues as the business grows. 

I wholeheartedly recommend Aarti - if you are lacking focus or clarity and want to be guided with sincerity to become clear on your brand. 



After I attended a local business enterprise brand overview session led by Aarti, I knew I wanted to work with her. The Alchemy Academy was still a spark of an idea at that stage, and I felt a brand workshop with her would give us the firm base we needed on which to build our new workplace wellbeing business venture.

During the session, Aarti created a space for me and the Alchemists, to explore what’s important to us and enabled us to collaboratively define our brand and growth goals.

We gained a clear understanding of what is important to us and a way to articulate how we show up and serve our client, that we wouldn't have been able to without her support.

Through her structured process steps, thought provoking expertise and leadership we uncovered our brand purpose, vision, values and mission. The workshop also gave us the opportunity to undertake an audience profiling exercise, to better understand our ideal key audience, what's important to them, why they would want / need our product / services and to identify our channels to market.

Following the session, we received a brand discovery outcome document which captured what we discussed together – a point of reference for us to use ongoing across all our communication channels, along with actionable next steps

One of the key reasons I decided to work with Aarti was her mix of professional and warm authentic approach. I am truly grateful for the heart-felt support and encouragement she has extended to me personally, the business we are creating and the impact it will make.

Where she shone was in the framing of a space for discussion, and her gentle but firm guidance to the level of detail required for us to get really clear on our messaging. She had us dig deeper than we would have alone, and really start to articulate our values and our offering in a much more valuable and productive way.



I would like to take the opportunity to firstly thank you for turning my thoughts into reality in the most flawless way. 

I was struggling to put words into actions. I already had a successful business without any branding present. 

I wanted to have a clear message on what I did, why people chose me to work with me and what my business was truly about. How was my offering was different to the rest in the industry? With your expertise, I was able to answer this.  

I am a firm believer in investing, whether that be in my clients or those who I work with professionally. I chose you because you showed me that you were ready to invest in me and my vision. You were great at making the vision very clear and helping me go deeper on my brand.  

This process gave me everything I needed to be able to talk about my company and brand in the correct language. The values, mission and purpose were made clear not just to me but also to my clients and businesses that work with me.

I have beautiful imagery to work with for my products and resources which have added value and made my client experiences more special. 

From the first enquiry call to the delivery of the brand assets and brand guidelines was professional and simply amazing. You guided me through the process and delivered with no delays. 

I cannot thank you enough for your time and expertise.

I feel privileged to have come across the right person to work with me to make my vision come to life.

You have been a key partner in the birth of The Dietitian and I cannot wait to work with you again.

You are simple the best at what you and I got more than what I expected.





Aarti’s brand strategy workshop was a great way to get us to think about exactly what it is we wanted to achieve, and the direction we wanted to take the company in.

We were also able to use this insighful session with her to meet with our teams and Directors to agree our company brand values, purpose, positioning, strategy and vision.

Following this Aarti went on to produce some options for our branding including colour schemes and design and came up with some great ideas that were totally in keeping with what we were trying to create.

Aarti is a master at her job and lovely to work with. She is a valued and trusted asset to our team.




We chose Aarti because we knew from meeting her, and from talking to her other clients, that she was the right fit for our business and would be perfect to work with us to develop a brand that we could stand behind.

We needed a brand that would really demonstrate the range of business activities we are involved in and that would resonate with our customers and prospects.

Aarti worked with the whole team to talk through our old brand, our target audiences, our offering, our USPs, where we are as a business and where we want to be. We also talked about our future plans for the business. She spent considerable time with us, understanding, discovering and picking out the pertinent points about our business in order to come up with a brand that worked for us.

Aarti then went on to create a new umbrella brand, Rothamsted Enterprises, as well as brand identities for our new sub-brands, Rothamsted Conference Centre, Rothamsted Manor, Rothamsted Agritech Business Centre and Rothamsted Restaurant. We now have strong, clear and attractive brands and brand guidelines to adhere to, and the new brands give us the perfect platform to take our business to the next phase of growth.

We cannot recommend Aarti enough. She has the perfect blend of skill, expertise, experience and patience. Not to mention that she is a fantastically positive person to work with and this really enabled the success of the project



Before I met Aarti, I felt unclear and lacked direction. I had navigated my way through an unconventional career path from an early age, but suddenly found myself feeling lost and unsure of where to focus my energy.

With Aarti's expertise and patience, we began to unpack everything that I have achieved to date, my personal and professional success stories, the obstacles I have overcome, the challenges I continue to face and most importantly my aspirations for the future. 

What I didn't realise is that my desire to serve and support people is not based on individual modalities, but instead is a combination of everything I have studied and experienced.

As the day progressed I began to see myself as WHOLE rather than an amalgamation of individual services and offerings.

This state of congruence was profound and in the months that followed, I found words rolling of my tongue about my vision and mission, which I would have previously stumbled with. I used to be nervous about networking, but since that day I am no longer afraid of sharing what I do.

If anyone self-employed or in business has the slightest hesitation about their brand, I would highly recommend you book in a call with Aarti to see if you're both a good fit. I knew within 15minutes that she was the right brand coach, from her authenticity, vitality and most of all genuine interest in my business.

It didn't seem like a fake video call to make a sale, instead it was like finally finding someone to take me out of my isolated space and to level me up to a bigger platform.

2024 is going to be my year to shine and I am grateful to Aarti, for giving me a clear sense of direction, focus and vision.



Aarti delivered her Brand Disocvery workshop to me and one of my partners Samantha Webb in our office. She took us through the steps of understanding about our firms brand as well as our personal branding, and explored how we saw the business going forward in the next few years.

It was quite challenging but also very exciting and made us really think about our business, core values, and brand purpose for the firm and get our strategy in place.

I would recommend Aarti to anyone wanting to identify and strengthen their brand for their business. 



I came to Aarti having been recommended as someone who would be able to help me create a brand around the work I wanted to do.

Branding was an area that I had no experience in. I had an idea for what I wanted to accomplish but no awareness around brand management or creation. Thankfully, I met Aarti!

We had a four hour discovery session where we explored the aims and objectives for my venture in supporting parents of autistic children and together we fleshed out short, medium and long term goals.

Aarti was attentive and professional throughout. She prepared a document that encapsulated everything we had discussed and which I was then able to share with the people whom I enlisted to bring my brand to life such as my graphic designer and web designer.

It was a very impactful session and I came out with clarity around how I could turn my vision into a business enterprise.

I have now firmly established my brand and I am engaged in work I love and I feel that my brand represents me, my purpose and my passion for autism acceptance in ethnically diverse communities.

I would highly recommend Aarti to anyone who is starting out on a venture. I enlisted her services at the right time rather than trying to create content without a secure and defined brand behind me.

It's acted as an anchor for me to ask myself in everything I'm involved in, is this furthering my cause and my vision and values? Thank you Aarti for your guidance and support.




We are a growing business, and needed some support and helpful challenging to focus in on our brand niche and why we do what we do.

We needed to focus and clarity to expand with purpose and intention, enabling us to both attract the clients we want to work with as well as the talent we want on our team.

Aarti and her team gave us exactly what we were looking for and more. We unashamedly explored purpose, niche and growth plans. Aarti was fiercely compassionate and direct, sharing some feedback and insights that were at times difficult to hear yet essential for our growth.

This gave us fire in our bellies and the confidence to start taking steps towards creating our future. I felt reconnected with my purpose and brand as a leader, and as a result I am now able to articulate and communicate, in a clear and compelling way, what we stand for, what we offer and how we make a difference. We are now working on updating our branding and online presence, so that it truly reflects our brand and brand intentions.

Working with Aarti is fun, challenging and encouraging. She not only opened my mind to new ideas and perspectives that would propel our growth, but also oozed support and encouragement in her words and presence. We are working on the wealth of insights that came from the Brand Maximiser, and plan to work with Aarti again once we have actioned those commitments and ideas.



In terms of branding, I had little before meeting Aarti and deciding to work with her. As a new entrepreneur, I had just built a website that listed my services, with little clarity as to what my business offered.

Aarti's brand workshop and brand identity creation, were greatly needed for my business.

Aarti is very adept at drawing out the real essence of my 'why' during the workshop. Secondly, I really enjoyed developing my brand logo and the process of communicating my values and purpose. The end result is amazing, and I am eager to launch my new website and show off my new branding in the near future. I am so clear now on my messaging as a result of working on all of this.

A packed workshop of thought-provoking activities really got my imagination flowing and my mind working. The session went by extremely quickly and was really enjoyable.

I absolutely loved working with Aarti - she is extremely knowledgeable in her field and her expertise in branding is invaluable. It's obvious that she is brilliant at what she does.



WOW! I decided to undergo a Brand Discovery Session which led into my personal branding strategy.

During that time Aarti asked me many searching questions to dig deep into my mind. The purpose was to establish my “why” and strengthen my overall positioning and communications.

Prior to meeting her I thought I knew enough myself. But her questioning made me realise a lot more. After the meeting I had so much clarity, it motivated me further. I got a detailed report which now helps me build my personal brand. I can’t thank her enough.



Aarti has provided a bespoke service which has enabled me to truly unlock how I want to show up through my brand.

The brand discovery session has opened up a perspective that has empowered me to deliver my messages with more precision and accuracy.

Aarti, engaged and encouraged me to elevate my thinking so that I extracted the best version of me!
This is a process that I highly recommend for people wanting to create their own unique brand with clarity, communicating the key messages with a vision.



Aarti is just such a breath of fresh air. Warm, personable, approachable and genuinely cares about your business and getting the brand just right. I initially joined her free Brand Boosting group on Facebook where she has created such an exciting, positive and supportive space for business owners.

I then signed up for her online brand course which offered a follow up session with Aarti to clarify any queries. It was a no brainer for me to do a Brand Discovery Session after this.

I have a business already but have been looking to set up a sub brand for a separate service and wasn't sure how it would fit with the overall eco-system for 5S Projects. The four hours were invaluable, creating the sub-brand's personality with the overall business in mind and propelled me to go with the vision and get started. If you're unsure of your existing brand or are just starting out, I thoroughly recommend you to book in for a Brand Discovery Session with Aarti, at the very least sign up for her online Brand Your Business course.

We can sometimes get overwhelmed with the idea of creating a brand, Aarti breaks it down so simply that you're filled with confidence, direction and ideas afterwards.




As a small property company trying to establish ourselves in a crowded market, we wanted to be super clear about our offering and target market.

Aarti took us ‘right back to basics’ by asking us questions that forced us to define our values, purpose and so much more. It wasn’t easy, but gosh it was helpful. We realised that successful brands make it look easy, but a whole lot of thought and research has gone into those messages and logos. The Brand Discovery Session session gave us time to explore our short-, medium- and long-term goals, and start planning how to achieve them.

Aarti also gave us valuable feedback on our website. What works and what was unclear.

Aarti gave us the tools and framework within which to improve and refine our site. We no longer feel ‘fuzzy’ about our brand, and are looking forward to building our business with strong foundations.

Aarti is a master facilitator and we can’t recommend her enough!



Aarti's Brand Discovery Session was extremely insightful. She helped us conceptualise our brand values, purpose, tone of voice and other areas.

We'd spoken about them before but Aarti helped us flesh them out and make them more concise. Having our brand values shine through in all areas of our business was important as we wanted our customers to know that this is all part of a bigger mission, to start a refill & reuse revolution with for-purpose brand partners!



Aarti helped me focus on my business goals and to define my brand and brand identity. I was feeling a bit lost after long maternity leave and I knew I wanted to change direction and elevate my business to a different level, the problem is I didn't know how?! 

was spending lots of energies and time in trying to realise different projects all at once, without really concluding anything.

After a brand session with Aarti, I felt more sure about what it needed to be done, about my business goals and the position I wanted to achieve on the market. She also refreshed my logo and I feel it perfectly represent me and my brand identity. Warmly recommend her services.



I came across Aarti via some good old 21st-century Instagram stalking, I was tying myself in knots trying to work out how to pull my different interests together in a way that would resonate with potential clients.

I was ready to invest in finding my purpose but wanted someone who could help me “cut to the chase’ as soon as I say Aartis profile I knew I’d struck gold. I found the session great fun as well as invaluable. I feel like I literally have a map in front of me now, I know what to say and how to say it, no more excuses!



Aarti is the perfect brand consultant. She blends her creativity, intelligence and wonderful communication skills together to lead these truly inspiring workshops.

The session that I had with her was so engaging- she struck a perfect facilitator balance between guiding me and giving me silence to let the plan formulate from within me. I left so excited and clear about the path I needed to take that I continued the momentum myself!

It was Aarti's workshop that guided me in getting to grips with my vision for how I want to show up in the world- not just with my ``job``, but how I could really infuse my passions into day to day life to make them my work.

The service that she gives is made so much more powerful by the fact that she really cares. I really felt that she took the time to step into my imagination in order to coax me along and suggest some really relevant ideas.

A joy to spend time with, I would definitely recommend Aarti's workshop and expert advice.



We very much enjoyed working with Aarti. She provided us with a Brand discovery session which helped us consider the different elements of our business and helped us identify where we needed to articulate our business values and point of difference in a more powerful way.

We liked her direct, professional approach and were attracted by her knowledgeable and informative thinking on an area we had been struggling to consolidate.

Thank you for your support Aarti and we look forward to weaving our brand into the foundations of our business as we develop our offer.



Before my sessions with Aarti, I already had a logo, brand colours and bland values. What I feel was lacking, was merging these great brand visuals together, with a robust strategy and implementation, with absolute clarity.

Very swiftly, clarity came about from just a few sessions, which was incredible. Aarti reinforces the importance of brand values and brand awareness being present right from thought-process to execution.

Our sessions were extremely thorough, progressive, and left me with plenty to not only think about but implement too (which for me was key). It is an on-going journey with endless possibilities. Aarti facilitates to uncover these possibilities and with extensive knowledge on all things BRAND, DESIGN and STRATEGY!”



Thanks so much Aarti for a fantastic brand discovery session. Specialising in workplace culture myself, I understand the huge importance of having a clear Purpose, Values and Vision.

Having decided to niche my business, I wanted to get these just right. So, I decided not to ‘mark my own homework’, but to benefit from an external perspective by working with a brand expert on these.

Aarti was excellent, enabling me to gain clarity on where my business was headed and the Values that would help it to get there.

The brand discovery session was such a beneficial investment, resulting in me having a renewed session of energy, clarity and excitement for the future of my business.



I had a brand consultation with Aarti Parmar - she listened and absorbed everything I told her about my business, gave me good suggestions and also helped me to think strategically. As I manage most aspects of my business I tend to get lost in a world of my own where I am frequently over thinking everything.

When Aarti asked personal questions about myself and my past I initially didn't understand how this was relevant to the session but gradually we uncoverd my purpose and the true essence of my brand. I am ever so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Aarti and I look forward to more sessions with a very talented and experienced brand strategist!



Having seen Aarti at a couple of events and eventually having a chat with her, I found Aarti to be very knowledgeable in her field and quickly booked in for a 4 hour Brand Discovery Session.

Aarti was really professional and came up with amazing ideas and though provoking thoughts of where I want the business to go, what I need to be doing to drive it forward and the best part was coming up with keywords that describe what I do and how it will connect with prospective clients.

If you are a new start up or a business that needs another pair of eyes on it to ensure you are heading in the right direction, I'd definitely give Aarti a chance to help you. So many golden nuggets were created from this short time spent together. Thank you Aarti for making my vision for my business even clearer now.



Aarti is not only a brand consultant but a branding ‘guru’. Aarti has inspired me and transformed my business from the moment I sat down and had my first meeting to now going through the steps to take my brand/business to the next level. After attending her “Boost Your Brand Workshop”, I left understanding exactly what my brand identity, brand personality and brand vision was.

The strategies that she shared with us in order to achieve our brand vision were phenomenal. I am now working with Aarti to give my brand the awakening it has needed for over a year. As my business grows, so does my brand identity and vision. Her holistic approach is completely in align with many business models.

I am so excited to be working on my brand with Aarti and cannot wait to see the outcome!



I've known Aarti for a few years now and always been impressed by her, the way she interacts with people and hearing about her skills at various networking events we've both attended. Through this and seeing the work she's done for other businesses I knew that she was the right choice for helping me revamp and update my branding.

I'm very aware that times have changed with regards to marketing and businesses need to show their true personality and values. Thus, even having been in my current business for 5 years I was really keen to do a 1-2-1 Brand Discovery Session with Aarti. I knew my branding could be better and used in a way to get a more personal message across to my potential clients.

The session itself was really great and most enjoyable, digging deep into my reasons for being in the business I'm in, where my passion lies and how that in turn benefits my customers. It's helped me see the differences and set myself apart from my competitors giving me the foundation and tools to carry through all my marketing, be it website, social media, advertising etc. 

The session also gave me a clearer business and personal vision of what I'd like to achieve and approximate steps and time frames I'd like to do this within.

Don't think you're going to have a chat with Aarti and she will just give you a plan - she won't, she will be encouraging you to delve into your brand and indeed yourself if you are a solopreneur. I came away with plenty of homework and ideas to continue my brand journey.

Nobody wants to deal with soulless, faceless businesses anymore which is why getting your branding right is absolutely crucial. Aarti I'm very grateful for your clear speaking, practical and supportive assistance with this process - I hope I do you proud!




My struggle was how to show up in my new coaching business, as a company? As a personal brand. Then how to show up as that brand & have this deeply authentic brand voice, brand visuals & brand energy.

She took me thorough a very thorough brand discovery process using a strong and clear framework.

I have worked with many brands in my life but this process was totally different in that it was so agile, consultative and explorative. I was very impressed with how thorough the brand discovery day was and how intensive and authentic it was.

Her approach was gently consultative, and very professional at all times. I was very impressed with her level of knowledge, aptitude and attention to detail.  She worked on time to project milestones, was exceptionally creative and I was blown over with the results. I just loved her work & the clever way in which she represented the visuals of the company.

Since working with Aarti so many people comment on my brand visuals and how I show up in brand. That was a major focus that I discovered in Aarti’s work with me, brand comes across in everything that I now do and that is thanks to Aarti. The brand document she provided me is a fundamental tool with all suppliers & team members now - they get me straight away. Cuts out time in communicating & trying to explain my brand.

I highly recommend working with Aarti unreservedly. Brand does add to the bottom line of your business. Brand has a strong ROI.



I have known Aarti through networking for a few years, and after working with a coach who helped me re-shape my business, I knew that my brand needed a total refresh. I'd already referred people to Aarti and heard great things, so she was the only person I was going to use for my own rebranding!

I booked a brand discovery session and really enjoyed it, Aarti went deep into different areas of my brand and came up with some excellent ideas that really helped to shape my thinking. I'm really pleased with the output too, I have a completely new brand guidelines document with new logo, fonts and colours, but equally important are the brand identity, voice, purpsoe and values that we covered too. I can't wait to put it into practice and already have a copywriter working on what's to come for my new website! Thanks Aarti, it's been great working with you and I'd highly recommend you to anyone else who needs help with their brand and branding too!



Thank you so much for my new brand, I totally love it!

The whole process of working with you has been an amazing experience.
After first meeting you at the Boost Your Brand workshop, you really opened up my mind to the meaning of having a brand image and persona being more than just a logo.

The in-depth discovery session was very interesting as you helped me look at my business from the inside out, which allowed me to clarify my product/service.

The options presented and the ideas behind each one was spot on and hard to choose which one was best.

The finished product has given me a new lease of energy. Thank you so much.



Thank you for all your hard work and creative input in helping create the brand for Bradford & Howley. Following our very first conversation with you and the brand discovery session that followed we really believed that you understood not only who we are, but what we wanted our company to stand for in the local property market.

The brand values that came from the opening sessions with you run through our business and our team have really embraced them, in fact we loved them so much that as you know we know have them proudly displayed on our office walls.

All our team really love the new look and have enjoyed being part of the rebrand and everything that it stands for.

The feedback from our clients is that the new look, is vibrant, modern, professional and most of all really stands out against our competition. You worked very closely with Kate our in house marketing advisor to help hit some often tight deadlines and I know often worked late into the night and weekends to make sure everything we needed arrived when wanted it.

We feel the whole concept and style has worked really well across all types of media from print, digital, sign boards and office refits to give us a brand we are really proud of.

Thanks again for all your hard work, we wish you continued success.



I was looking for guidance and inspiration around my business brand, brand identity and potential logo designs, and was recommended to Aarti as a brand specialist and creative designer. She is also a qualified coach which I felt would prove helpful!

Aarti is engaging, creative, responsive and professional. During my ‘brand discovery’ session she asked great questions, allowing us to understand my business, my values and purpose. The session was thought-provoking and really helped me clarify my offering. The brand identity and creatives Aarti designed really captured our discussions. I found her very collaborative and easy to work with.



We highly recommend Aarti having participated in and experienced the Brand disocvery session - the benefits it has brought us and the insight we got has benefited us greatly. this can be seen with our brand mySpike, taking time to sit with us, carrying out a full discovery, hearing our story, learning about what mySpike is, what our goals are, our marketing objectives and she went as far as performing a swot analysis! helping us to understand!

Aarti continues to work with us as our business evolves, providing input and guidance at every stage, design, branding, web, print and even with our corporate videos and product shoots.



Choosing Aarti to help me with my brand discovery session, was a no brainer! I wanted to go global and for me, there was no better choice.

Having known her personally from our ``Malaysia days``, I loved her energy, work ethic and creative body of work. I got the chance to see all the beautiful brands she's helped build and continued following her progress on Instagram.

As a female-owned and female-led African luxury brand, uniting and working with leading women in their fields is a passion of mine. Supporting and uplifting each other in both business and life, and most importantly helping underprivileged women in the community and creating a positive impact on their lives.

During the brand discovery session, I learned a great deal about myself and what value I wanted to put out to the world and this gave me better clarity on how to develop my brand. This also gave me an idea as to the direction I see it going and the perception behind it.

It was a smooth and effortless process, our synergy was a perfect fit and with the help I have been able to catapult into the market quite quickly.

Thank you Aarti for your branding genius!



My company is based in Singapore and I specifically sought out Aarti to design my company logo. I especially like that she takes the time to understand your needs and your brand in a brand discovery session.

Aarti is also extremely efficient and 'GETS IT' so when you get the first draft of designs there is little that needs to be changed as she has understood your brand identity very well. Very happy with my new, fresh logo and look.



I had a short deadline to produce a corporate brochure supporting a brand new, highly complex investment area. The diverse content, subject specific imagery and compliance process all also added to the challenge.

Aarti did a great job from start to finish on the brochure, she patiently nudged us along making best use of her and our time. The end result was extremely well received and I have no hesitation in using Aarti on further work for this fund.



As we are expanding our company, I was aware that we needed to get our branding right. Aarti was recommended to me by my business partner and we began the process.

The discovery session enabled us to get a feel for who we were and what we did, and asked me questions that prompted me to think about things I hadn't considered previously.

She immediately understood our needs and what we were looking to achieve and came back with a range of options - that, I might add, were all so good it was difficult to choose.

She worked quickly and efficiently and her communication throughout was outstanding.

The logo and accompanying products she designed for us were just what we were looking for.
I would have no doubt in recommending Aarti to anyone who requires some creativity injected into their business to support / refresh their brand identity.
Excellent service. Thank you



I gave Aarti a simple marketing line of four words that I wanted to base my work and training on. Using the works combined with a discovery session, Aarti created a stunning, simple but immediately tangible logo plus website and other marketing info.

To say I am delighted would be an understatement. She is easy to work with, conscientious and produces cleverly subtle representations of you, your brand and work which speak volumes to your audience.



It was a pleasure to have Aarti work with me, she is a talented designer who has great listening & questioning skills, insight and empathy and helped get to the core of what I wanted even though I didn’t originally know!

She encapsulated perfectly what I was trying to get across with my brand. I can’t recommend her highly enough.



As a freelancer who had been functioning as a personal brand for years and years, I knew that when it came to launch my family’s company, Inkslingers Media, it needed its own personality that reflected both my husband and me.

I'd seen Aarti's work, researched her style and knew that as we weren't going to build a website straightway, I wanted a solid premium brand that was right from the get-go. Aarti's consultative and reflective brand discovery process enabled us to think deeply about all the wrap-around elements like brand values, our ethos and how our design would reflect that.

The end result came after some deliberation and we are thrilled about how our brand vision and work has been brought to life.



Aarti is - in one word - amazing!

I always knew we needed a logo but hadn’t really thought about the brand beyond that. I met Aarti through the local business network and found her incredibly inspiring, so I asked her to design a new logo for us. Of course, I got so much more than a logo! During our in-depth brand discovery session she encouraged me to pinpoint our company values, how we want to appear to our clients, and much more detail that she used to develop our new look. I was very impressed with this rigorous process, which meant that all the design ideas she sent over were spot on. Although that did make it very, very hard to make the final decision!

Now we have an amazing logo that's also practical to work with across different applications, and a brand we're very proud of and keen to share.

If your logo needs updating or if you’re not sure what your brand really says about you, definitely have a session with Aarti. I know you will get so much out of it.


It has been a great pleasure working with Aarti on my Noma Creates Project. When I was recommended to AP Brand Communications I simply wanted a label design for my new line of relishes.

However, Aarti helped me to view my request as more than just a label to stick on a jar, but rather think about the brand identity of my Product. I was in such a rush to get my Relish out into market with sales on my mind.
Aarti helped me to understand that in order for my product to have presence and impact in the market place, I needed to give it a face, voice and character. She was patient and took time to understand the vision for my brand and really incorporated all that I stand for into developing my brand. From my values to my culture, unique presence and personality, she captured the essence of all these attributes in creating the design for my relish label and identity.
Aarti also has an amazing ability in listening attentively and receiving creative direction and always did her best to produce results that matched the detail and description I gave her.
I am absolutely pleased and satisfied with the outcome of my Noma Creates Project. 



We started working with Aarti for my husbands new business venture, she has a great approach to pull out and identify what he was trying to achieve. She created a strong brand and identity for his business. She worked so hard to make sure we were happy with the results and endured our many changes until we had the final version. Aarti is a joy to work with, she has a lot of talent and always makes sure she does the very best for her clients. We know we will be working with her now and into the future as the business progresses. We would recommend Aarti to anyone and have done already done so, she is a real asset to any business



I had very little idea of the process involved and although excited about developing the brand for my new business I was slightly nervous.... however Aarti was very quick to pick up on this and was able to reassure me at each step of the process in a patient, clear and supportive way.
Her service was personal, professional and responsive and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Aarti as well as use her services again in the future. Thank you for creating the brand for my new business journey.



I just wanted to say thank you so much for my new logo. I love it and I have had nothing but positive feedback from all who have seen it. Your method of working is fast, efficient and professional and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone who needs a branding specialist.



Thank you so much Aarti for your fab work creating our logo! We were hugely impressed with your service and thoroughly recommend your company. We not only felt at ease when dealing with you, but loved how much you understood what we were trying to get across. We will never get bored of your beautiful creation! Exciting times ahead!



I contacted Aarti at a real transition point in developing my small business. The discovery session allowed me to reflect on where I wanted to go with my plans and within an hour I was already beginning to picture a very clear brand and professional identity.
Aarti uses the art of consultation so well, and as a psychologist myself, I cannot recommend her style enough! She really challenged my thinking and ultimately supported me to take the plunge into rebranding. Thanks to the amazing artwork Aarti created I now feel I have a brand to be proud of and ultimately market.
Thank you Aarti.



I was acutely conscious of the fact that my brand was sub-standard. In fact to be honest, I didn’t really have a brand as such! I wasn't even entirely happy with the name of my business. It did what it said on the tin and that was it.

At our first meeting Aarti coached me through a SWOT analysis of my business. This was an invaluable exercise as it allowed me to revisit my whole “ What, Why, Hows and Values” regarding the business. I found myself completely re-energised, motivated and very much reconnected with my vision.

This was followed by a brain storming session around brand identity and potential business names. Aarti was very instrumental in the entire process, guiding, coaching, suggesting and most importantly listening and taking on board my ideas and expectations.

After I made a decision on my business name Aarti created some logo options to choose from. The very first option was THE one for me. It encapsulated and articulated exactly what I wanted; clean, professional, warm and personable.

Aarti went on to create my business collateral and social media profiles all of which I was pleased with.

It has been a complete transformation. I have a brand that I am truly proud of and happy to show off!

During the entire process I found Aarti warm, personable, insightful, professional, responsive and creative. I highly recommend her.



Doing the brand discovery session with Aarti was a brilliant exercise and so beneficial to my business.

She asked all the right questions to really help me understand what my business does, why I do it and how I can communicate that to my customers in it's most distilled form.

I found a new sense of focus, empowerment to drive things forward and a whole new level of passion for what I do!



We commissioned Aarti to create a visual brand identity for our new online business. From the first phone call, through the brand discovery sessions, design sessions and completion of the work,

Aarti was a pleasure to work with. Her energy, creativity and experience challenged us to really consider our brand values, personality and style. We are very happy with the completed brand identity and logo, it encapsulates exactly what we were trying to portray. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Aarti and expect to use her services again in the future.


Aarti is smart, efficient and a true professional. From our very first meeting I knew that she understood our brand, what we wanted to achieve and also would be great to work with. She has the analytical ability and determination to get to the heart of the issue using imagination and flair to create relevant and innovative solutions. I am extremely happy with the brand identity that she created for our business. Her wide range of experience and creativity coupled with her easy manner made her a pleasure to work with.



Aarti's Brand and Brand Identity package was exactly what I needed. At first, I was uncertain about spending so much money on something I felt I might be able to do for myself, however after our initial 4hr session together I felt fully justified in spending the money.

Aarti is deeply intuitive, she listens very deeply to your needs and everything you tell her about yourself and your brand then she reflects back in a way that really helps you become clear about the direction and nature of the brand.

She is happy to both lead on the design or follows exactly what you ask for, this kind of versatility is very rare in a design professional!!!

Aarti was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her for all your creative branding needs.



I enlisted Aarti’s help when I decided to change my business name and wanted a completely new look and feel. She worked with me via a brand discovery session to understand what personality I wanted my brand to have, what values were important to me, and what kind of colours and imagery I liked.

From this she developed three design options, and we quickly settled on one. She also designed my email signature, letterhead and business cards, as well as images for my social media pages.

Aarti was efficient, responsive and I loved the designs that she came up with. I felt they achieved the impression I wanted to convey really well. I’d definitely recommend her to anyone looking fro help with developing their branding.



Working with Aarti was thought-provoking, it took a lot of deep thinking and consideration on my part, including identifying my brand values.

After the brand discovery session, she designed an amazing logo and branding that I am so excited by and proud to use. She is a genius in listening and transforming all that detail and what is important to me into a beautiful, meaningful brand and logo, that captures, resonates and summarises me and my business.



I wanted to update my branding for my business but had no idea where to start with this. I had attempted twice in the past year to get somewhere with this, but always felt the people I went to didn’t try to get to understand my business, my vision or what I was trying to say through branding. Then Aarti came along!

I saw some examples of her work on social media, and was very impressed so contacted her to see if she could work her magic on my branding. We had brand discovery session and discussed what I was trying to achieve, what I wanted to be known for or services I wanted to promote, how I want people to see my business, and she asked me a range of questions which helped her to really understand my business, how it works and what we should convey. She also gave suggestions for colour, layout, font, all the things that mean something but you don’t realise.

Once we had established the finer points, Aarti came back with designs that I immediately loved (something I had not felt with my previous efforts). I felt like Aarti really cared about this branding, and came up with some really good ideas. I am really happy with the final design and layouts for my new cards, social media profiles and letterheads etc and can’t wait to start using it!




Aarti has delivered two presentations for us at Enterprise Nation. Aarti was extremely helpful in the planning ahead of the sessions and the content she delivered was superb.

Our small business community gained serious value from Aarti in a short amount of time. I would highly recommend Aarti to anyone looking for advice on branding. She makes the topic fun and simple to understand. Excellent presentations.



In February of 2021 we invited Aarti to deliver a light bite presentation to our student and graduate coaches on the topic of branding. 

We found her delivery skills to be engaging and her content to be exactly on point. The feedback that we had was excellent and have re-booked Aarti to deliver an indepth 3 hour masterclass later this year and are looking forward to working with her again.



Aarti has delivered two presentations for us at Enterprise Nation. Aarti was extremely helpful in the planning ahead of the sessions and the content she delivered was superb. Our small business community gained serious value from Aarti in a short amount of time. I would highly recommend Aarti to anyone looking for advice on branding. She makes the topic fun and simple to understand. Excellent presentations.



I came across Aarti’s posts on LinkedIn last year and signed up for her Brand talk.
In our first interaction, I found her to be not only knowledgeable about her subject, but also a warm and caring human being. This rare combination prompted me to reach out to her to design and run a session for the participating women leaders of up! SURGE - Journey to the C-suite: a learning journey that I lead with a team from XLRI for Women (XL4W).
Aarti has conducted a masterclass on Personal Branding for over 250 participants of three of our cohorts. The session has been well received, and Aarti has been a wonderful partner to us - invested in the success of the program, keen to bring her best to the session, open to co-creation and feedback, and prompt and accountable in approach. 
I wish Aarti every success in her business, and wish for her to touch many more lives and careers with the meaningful work she is doing.



Aarti - as I expected - inspired STANTA clients to think more deeply about the meaning of a brand, and their brand in particular. It ties in perfectly with our business planning workshop and so important to get this right BEFORE committing to marketing activities.

Thanks, Aarti, for helping our clients think this through more deeply for themselves and to help get them on the right track!



Aarti is such a talent! Her ability to delve into a businesses purpose and integrate that through a brand is really exceptional. I recently attended a workshop run by Aarti and learning how to get under the skin of a business to 'Serve, Grow & Impact' an audience through great branding was a key takeaway for me. If you're thinking of a rebrand or getting your brand right from launch - she's your woman!



I have attended Aarti's branding workshops and have learnt so much from her. She is such a great communicator - so generous in her knowledge and always gets you thinking about your business, you and your brand in such a broader sense than ever before. If you are just starting out, or have been running your business for a while -

I highly recommend Aarti's branding service to you. It's great to take a fresh look at your business to make sure it is still current on brand and reflecting your business as it is today. 


Having Aarti speaking at our event was absolutely fantastic! Prior to the event, she was beyond professional and 100% focused on making sure we would achieve the desired results.

The presentation, 8 Ways to Amplify tour Personal Brand itself was rich in content and delivered beautifully, with very useful, real-life tips that our attendees really connected with. Everyone made lots of notes and was inspired by it. Can't wait to work with Aarti again!

More about me

Hi, I'm Aarti Parmar. As a brand strategist and qualified personal performance coach, I’ve empowered hundreds of SMEs and entrepreneurs to steer their brands mindfully in the right direction for commercial success with intention and purpose.

I have over 18 years’ experience working with multiple product and service businesses – both in the UK and overseas.

I love giving my clients the clarity, confidence and energy to develop their brands. My mission is to simplify what can be a minefield for business owners because I understand the pressures they face – I’m also one of them!

I believe if a brand is not clear on the inside, it will never be clear on the outside. And I am on a mission to educate and empower as many business owners to be purpose-led.

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