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Course Price: £375 + VAT (20%) Total £450

A module based self-training online course that gives you practical, actionable knowledge you can start applying straightaway.

What you'll get:

  • 10 Step brand framework
  • Video tutorials
  • Downloadable worksheets
  • Brand clarity and confidence

What People Are Saying:

As a business coach focusing on my client's business growth, doing the Brand Your Business Online Course was a great opportunity for me to step back and work on my business. This course was clearly laid out and the worksheets enabled me to drill down and ensure I’m sticking to my values and brand purpose. After running AmberLife for 10 years, I wanted develop my new ideas to help my clients even more and this course was great timing. By the end of the course, I feel I have refreshed and refocused my brand, I’m excited to see what happens next.

Jo James

The Brand Your Business Online Course provided me with the knowledge and resources to gain clarity, focus and direction of my brand. I was able to do the course at my own pace, and at a time that suited me. I now feel more passionate about my business than ever, and feel confident and hugely excited to move my business forward. 

Sammy Cooper

This is such a valuable course, it really provides you with brand clarity and enables you to be clear in your own mind what your brand purpose, positioning, messaging and vision is.  Aarti explains each module so well in a short video with examples and then the worksheets are great at helping you to define your own brand framework.  I would recommend this course to any new business to give them the brand clarity to be able to move forward with all of their brand communications and marketing and to help them to grow their business.

Rebecca Session

The content of the course was perfect and relevant to me. It felt like it was tailormade to my brand-when obviously its applicable to all. But Aarti has pitched her voice-the slide content and the way its being communicated on your own laptop in a highly personalised manner rather than all sitting in a group. All content was/ is easy to understand. There is so much to digest that you want to enjoy the information rather than skimming through. It is very engaging content. Anything that I had to digest slowly has been able to be done as I can dip back in to the course content-which has been important rather than a one off course with slides.

Sarah-Jane Hingorani

I found Brand Your Business Course very straight to the point with great simple and relatable examples, great visuals and very knowledgeable. It made me feel more connected to what I want to create, it felt personal and it really got me thinking more about the growth aspect in business and certainly sparked more ideas. It most definitely made me feel more confident in what I am pursuing. The course did not disappoint and I would recommend for anymore who feels stuck with their business, wants to gain knowledge regarding their brand. It certainly does what it says on the tin and is a very enjoyable course! Thanks for a great experience and confidence boost! 

Robert Kpodo

I really enjoyed doing this course, as although I have spent time on my brand before, it reminded me of my values and USP. It also helped solidify things in my head even more about my brand and values. The bit I learnt the most about that I hadn’t really thought about before was my tone, so having this new knowledge is really helpful.

Katie Ruane

I started working on my brand and I never realised there was so much behind the concepts of brand, brand personality, brand identity, etc. I also never realised defining your purpose was the starting point of any business aiming for success and growth. I have over 20 years' experience in translation and copywriting and I can honestly say that I have mostly "navigated without a compass" and humbly add that I am doing well. But I can already sense that this course by Aarti Parmar is going to help me focus and find my direction for the future and do even better.

Nathalie Reis