Get brand clarity

Rediscover the soul of your brand and let it shine! Get ready for a positive change through clarity of vision, purpose, values, and strategy.


When it feels like there is so much sameness with your competitors even you can't distinguish yourself.


When you don't have a clear idea of who your ideal audience is and how to appeal to them.

You are lost in a world of your own and frequently over thinking everything and no longer sure what to action!

This one to one Brand Discovery Workshop is designed for you.

Here's why:

The easier it is for your ideal clients to find you, the more people you can serve. It is a win-win situation. It is easier to work with people who appreciate your value. And I am here to pinpoint just that. Brand Discovery Workshop gives you the time, space and support to rediscover why you love what you do, transform your business, achieve your goals for sustainable growth and commercial success.

It's time for you to be heard.

It's time to inspire and create.

The process is structured, immersive, collaborative and designed to empower. I encourage you to dig deep, to get to the core of your business and your identity as a business owner. This gives us the outline of your brand – the outcomes are quite tangible.

Anita Goyal MBE

Aarti has provided a bespoke service which has enabled me to truly unlock how I want to show up through my brand. The Brand Discovery Session has opened up a perspective that has empowered me to deliver my messages with more precision and accuracy.

Aarti, engaged and encouraged me to elevate my thinking so that I extracted the best version of me! This is a process that I highly recommend for people wanting to create their own unique brand with clarity, communicating the key messages with a vision.


  • Being known as the industry expert with clients and in your sector 
  • Delivering your pitch with confidence, knowing it's on-brand every time
  • Knowing how to grow your brand and business and doing it clarity, direction and joy!

Your business

  • Is easier to promote than ever, and so it is easier to improve its performance
  • Is growing towards your identified desired goals
  • Thriving in its own niche that stands strong in the market, is well defined and communicated with certainty

Your clients

  • Knowing what your
    business does within seconds, when they see your marketing
    materials for the first time
  • Understanding why exactly they need your services and buy it
  • Appreciate you, your expertise and are happy to refer you

Brand Discovery Workshop

During the workshop through a combination of coaching, strategy and guidance we unravel and define everything that your brand is and wants to be. We identify and break down all the limitations that hold you back. We propel you forward with certainty and intention.

Get ready for a positive change through clarity of vision, purpose, values, strategy, design and mindset!

What type of business benefits the most?

  • One person business
  • Owner-managed business with a team
  • Service-based business, e.g. providing business and consumer services, coaches and consultants
  • Product-based business 

Who is it for?

  • Changemakers who wish to make a positive difference
  • Heart-centred business owners wanting to develop a culture
  • Ambitious leaders focused on delivering value

Whichever it is, every business must have a brand foundation and you must understand the role of your brand. If you don't know, how can you expect others to?!

During the Brand Discovery Session, I learned a great deal about myself and what value I wanted to put out to the world and this gave me better clarity on how to develop my brand. This also gave me an idea as to the direction I see it going and the perception behind it.



Discover the soul of your brand in 10 steps through my proven process

  • Step 1: Brand Purpose
    Allows you to know why you, as a brand, choose to impact, transform, inspire, change, make a difference through your business. Pinpoints what brings you fulfilment beyond generating profit. Provides a foundation on which you can build and grow the rest of your business. Unites customers and culture.
  • Step 2: Vision
    Identify the direction you aspire to move to. This gives you a roadmap for intentional growth and strategies for the business, marketing activities, messaging with focus and direction.

  • Step 3: Brand Values
    An understanding of what you, as a business, believe in. This shapes every aspect of how you operate as a business and be seen as a brand. It makes the brand authentic and meaningful.

  • Step 4: Brand Personality
    Making your brand relatable through understanding the brand characteristics. Helps your customers understand your brand and set it apart from the competition.

  • Step 5: Aspirational Brand Perception
    Knowing what you want to be known for and how you want to be perceived allows you to strategically position yourself to your desired audience through visuals, messaging marketing.
  • Step 6: Clarity on Brand Positioning
    Allow your brand to communicate instantly, send the right message, and differentiate your brand to your desired target audience.

  • Step 7: Brand Tone of Voice
    Determine how your brand 'speaks,' reflecting your brand values and brand personality.

  • Step 8: USP's Identified and Strengthened
    Understanding your strengths as a brand and communicating that throughout your brand.

  • Step 9: Target Audience 
    Allows you to identify the customers you want to market to and serve.

  • Step 10: Brand Identity
    Progressing the newfound brand. New brand identity, copywriting, content, marketing, website, photography, refined or new offerings can be created.

The progress of your business is determined by the understanding of your brand 

Take ownership of your brand and lead it to where it deserves to be with a combination of coaching, guidance and strategy.

Alex Hedges - Headhunter & Mentor

I came across Aarti via some good old 21st-century Instagram stalking, I was tying myself in knots trying to work out how to pull my different interests together in a way that would resonate with potential clients.

I was ready to invest in finding my purpose but wanted someone who could help me “cut to the chase’ as soon as I say Aartis profile I knew I’d struck gold. I found the session great fun as well as invaluable. I feel like I literally have a map in front of me now, I know what to say and how to say it, no more excuses!

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The half day workshop brings you:

  • My brand deck with examples of other leading brands, so you can see what knowing your brand means for business
  • A Brand Discovery outcomes document with your brand framework and your next actionable steps, so you’ll know what to do and when to progress your business strategically
  • Organised information, so it’s easy to introduce your business to clients, partners and investors
  • Aligned purpose, vision and values, so that you speak in one strong voice across all platforms
  • Resources to make informed, strategic decisions for business growth, so you always have clear criteria to refer to
  • A confidence boost in what to say about your brand, where and when
  • A direction on how to improve your website copy, social media and more, so that creating content gets easier

Investment for clarity, focus and direction


Brand Discovery Workshop and Key Brand Messaging
starts from £2500 + VAT*


*Price varies depending on the number of people and size of business as the delivery changes.
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Here's what happened when others discovered their authentic and meaningful brand

Chloe & Monica



Aarti's Brand Discovery Session was extremely insightful. She helped us conceptualise our brand values, purpose, tone of voice and other areas. We'd spoken about them before but Aarti helped us flesh them out and make them more concise.

Having our brand values shine through in all areas of our business was important as we wanted our customers to know that this is all part of a bigger mission, to start a refill & reuse revolution with for-purpose brand partners!

Claire Norwood

Property Developer


As a small property company trying to establish ourselves in a crowded market, we wanted to be super clear about our offering and target market.

Aarti took us ‘right back to basics’ by asking us questions that forced us to define our values, purpose and so much more. It wasn’t easy, but gosh it was helpful. We realised that successful brands make it look easy, but a whole lot of thought and research has gone into those messages and logos. The Brand Discovery Session session gave us time to explore our short-, medium- and long-term goals, and start planning how to achieve them.

Aarti also gave us valuable feedback on our website. What works and what was unclear.

Aarti gave us the tools and framework within which to improve and refine our site. We no longer feel ‘fuzzy’ about our brand, and are looking forward to building our business with strong foundations.

Aarti is a master facilitator and we can’t recommend her enough!

Sean Walker

Re:Solution Osteopath


Aarti made a real point of trying to understand my business, growth plans and my dream vision.

With no insight or clues to what was in my head Aarti clearly extracted it without me realising. The result, I’m left with a brand strategy, artwork and brand assets that I feel put me in a place to achieve what I set out to do and really convey our expertise.

Aarti was thorough throughout the process, communicative and I would urge anyone who is even close to what they think as a complete strategy, to speak with Aarti. She’ll open your eyes to even bigger possibilities and deliver, without fail. Aarti’s holistic approach is unrivalled to anything I’ve experienced. Thanks again.

I want to have a meaningful brand, let's speak

More about me

Hi, I'm Aarti Parmar. As a brand strategist, brand designer and qualified personal performance coach, I’ve empowered hundreds of SMEs and entrepreneurs to steer their brands mindfully in the right direction for commercial success with intention and purpose.

I have over 15 years’ experience working with multiple product and service businesses – both in the UK and overseas.

I love giving my clients the clarity, confidence and energy to develop their brands. My mission is to simplify what can be a minefield for small business owners because I understand the pressures they face – I’m also one of them!

I believe if a brand is not clear on the inside, it will never be clear on the outside. And I am on a mission to educate and empower as many business owners to be purpose-led.

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