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Brand Identity Creation

Some people think it’s a logo that gives a brand meaning, but it is the opposite: it is the brand that gives its logo meaning.


Are you a little embarrassed by your visuals?

Are you fed up with inconsistency?

Or perhaps you are not sure what graphic style fits your business at all?

You just want to have it done right so it represents your business and appeals to your clients but don't know where to begin?


Brand identity is the visual representation of your business.

If it's disconnected, it could end up costing you time and clients, who turn to competitors whose communication is cohesive and resonate with their values.

Your brand is a combination of experiences, moments, products, services and interactions. It is the impression and feeling someone gets when they look at your website, product or business. A brand is a created perception, are you creating the desired perceptions?

It is essential for us to create an identity that fits your values and works for your business – no more random graphics. Brand Identity Creation is designed to deliver visuals with purpose!

Getting it right means strengthening your position on the market, and this is why it's essential to get the basics sorted out first. We begin with a Brand Discovery Workshop and get clear on the fundamentals of your brand (find more about this 4-hour process here).

Louisa Steensma Williamson - Thrive HR Consulting

I was looking for guidance and inspiration around my business brand, brand identity and potential logo designs, and was recommended to Aarti as a brand specialist and creative designer.

She is also a qualified coach which I felt would prove helpful! Aarti is engaging, creative, responsive and professional.

During my ‘brand discovery’ session she asked great questions, allowing us to understand my business, my values and purpose. The session was thought-provoking and really helped me clarify my offering.

The brand identity and creatives Aarti designed really captured our discussions. I found her very collaborative and easy to work with.

Why do I need a brand identity?

A good identity carries your values, making them visible at a glance. It's important because humans – your clients – get the impression from colours and shapes before they can process words, so it all needs to match to make a stronger, more lasting impression that serves your business.

  • Stand out
  • Be more memorable
  • Be consistent

When to consider a brand identity review?

  • Changed focus and direction
  • DIYed the first logo, and it doesn't feel like you anymore
  • Ready to take your business to the next level
  • Niche has changed
  • Not bringing in the right clients
  • Every social channel seems to belong to a different business
  • Want to grow a team, and the current identity does not attract the right people
  • Step 1: 1 to 1 Brand Discovery Workshop
    It's necessary to unpack and unravel your brand to understand your position on the market. Full details here

  • Step 2: Research, Design and Development
    With all the information we unravel and unpack from the session, it's time for me to to some research and development to create your branding.

  • Step 3: Feedback
    It's a process, you get logo options, colour and font typeface guidance to comment and together we pick the one that works best for you and you get sample collateral to show your branding in action.

  • Step 4: Finalise
    We polish the chosen option, and create a dedicated Brand Guidelines document.

  • Step 5: Implementation
    With a bundle of logo files suitable for different applications, you get it out there and see how it finally works.

Take ownership of your brand and lead it to where it deserves to be with a combination of coaching, guidance and strategy.

Brand Identity Creation brought to life

Who needs an effective Brand Identity? Individuals focusing on developing their personal brands, businesses with a team, both service and product-based.

Here are a few examples of what a Brand Identity Creation: from logos, stationery, social media profiles, packaging, print, digital, and signage. See how consistently they communicate their brands – you can too!

Investment for branding you are proud of 


Brand Identity Creation, Brand Discovery Workshop and Key Brand Messaging starts from £4500 + VAT*

 *Price varies depending on the deliverables and size of business

I'm ready, let's chat


  • Having your brand exactly where you want it and being proud of it
  • Delivering your pitch with
    confidence, knowing it's on-brand every time
  • Knowing how to grow your brand and business and
    doing it with purpose, clarity and joy!

Your business

  • Is easier to promote than ever, and so it is easier to improve its performance
  • Looking and feeling as well as it deserves to: relevant, true and transparent
  • Thriving in its own niche that stands strong on the market is well defined and communicated – exciting!

Your clients

  • Knowing what your
    business does within seconds, even if they are
    seeing your marketing
    materials for the first time
  • Understanding your brand's purpose, appreciating it and engaging
  • Being the ones that appreciate your value

"Aarti really opened up my mind to the meaning of having a brand image and persona being more than just a logo.


The in-depth discovery session was very interesting as you helped me look at my business from the inside out, which allowed me to clarify my product/service.


The options presented and the ideas behind each one was spot on and hard to choose which one was best.


The finished product has given me a new lease of energy."

Vernini Vig - Social Media Champion

More about me

Hi, I'm Aarti Parmar. As a brand strategist, brand designer and qualified personal performance coach, I’ve empowered hundreds of SMEs and entrepreneurs to steer their brands in the right direction for commercial success.

I have over 15 years’ experience working with multiple product and service businesses – both in the UK and overseas.

I love giving my clients the clarity, confidence and energy to develop their brands. My mission is to simplify what can be a minefield for small business owners because I understand the pressures they face – I’m also one of them!

I believe if a brand is not clear on the inside, it will never be clear on the outside. And I am on a mission to empower 1000 businesses to be purpose-led.